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Mount Lokon eruption continues 15 July 2011

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Mount Lokon erupting 14 July 2011 (image courtesy Tribun Manado)
Mount Lokon volcano, North Sulawesi, erupting on 14 July 2011 (image courtesy Tribun Manado, via Earthquake-Report.com).

The eruption of Sulawesi’s Mount Lokon that began yesterday (after days of lower-level eruptive activity) continues, with spectacular explosive activity and the eruption of ash and lava. Ash has darkened the sky over the city of Manado. Darwin VAAC has issued a Volcanic Ash Advisory for the eruption which notes that no ash cloud is yet detectable on satellite imagery, but that volcanic ash from the eruption has reached 1,500 metres above the crater. The Indonesian aviation authorities are warning flights in the area of the presence of volcanic ash at low altitudes, but Manado airport is operating normally and no diversions or cancellations have yet been ordered. No casualties have been reported from this eruption, and evacuations had already taken place around the volcano earlier this week; the evacuations have now been expanded to encompass over 4,000 people.

Mount Lokon is the higher peak of the very active twin volcanoes Lokon and Empung. The latter peak last erupted from its summit crater some time around 1775 (give or take 25 years or so), but all 24 subsequent eruptions listed by the Global Volcanism Program (and the current activity) have originated from Tompaluan Crater, situated in the saddle between the two peaks. Most of these eruptions were VEI 1 or 2, although eruptions in July 1951 to March 1953, May 1991 to January 1992 and September 2003 were VEI 3.

More up-to-date coverage of this eruption is available at Earthquake-Report.com.

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