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This is a blog about volcanism, volcanoes and volcanology, on Earth and elsewhere in the Solar System. It’s a place for volcano news, analysis and information, not only about the science of volcanism but also its place in human culture, society and history.

I’m a humanities scholar — history, specifically — by training and experience but am also, among other things, a geosciences student (at the Open University, UK) with a long-standing fascination for volcanoes. For me this site is a labour of love as well as, I hope, of learning. If you’d like to know more you can read an interview with me at The Reef Tank or visit my other site, artificialhorizon.org. Please be aware that my doctorate is in history, not in any scientific discipline, and that I am not a professional geologist or volcanologist.

If you have any volcano news to share or comments to make on the blog (constructive criticism and the correction of howlers* gratefully received) please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Finally, allow me to draw your attention to the copyright and disclaimer information for the Volcanism Blog.

Dr Ralph Harrington

* The reference here is to ‘howlers’ as in egregious and potentially embarrassing errors of fact or interpretation, rather than the New World monkeys of the genus Alouatta.

The Volcanism Blog

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