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Indonesia: new eruption at Lokon 14 July 2011

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Reports from Indonesia indicate a significant increase in the intensity of the ongoing eruptive activity at Mount Lokon in eastern Sulawesi. Under the superb headline ‘Blarrr!! Gunung Lokon Meletus Kuat, Api Keluar dari Kawah’ (‘Blarrr!! Strong eruption at Mount Lokon, fire from crater’) the local paper Tribun Manado quotes local residents reporting powerful earth tremors, ‘a very loud roar’ and ‘huge fire’ from the Lokon. Another Indonesian-language report describes the eruption as producing ‘red fire’, ‘lava and billowing smoke’ and ‘powerful tremors’; according to an eye-witness, the eruption was visible at 10 km distance from the volcano. An AFP report, quoting an Indonesian government volcanologist, says that there was a large eruption at around 22:31 local time (15:31 GMT) on Thursday in which ash and rocks were thrown 1,500 metres into the air, and vegetation within 500 metres of the crater was set on fire.

An Associated Press report adds a few more details, reporting that there were three eruptions in all: the first eruption was at 22:46 local time on Thursday night and was followed by a second just after a midnight and a third at around 01:10 on Friday morning. Soldiers and police were said to be helping about 500 people evacuate the slopes of the volcano. Some pictures of the latest activity can be found at NowPublic.

No new reports on this activity have so far appeared on the Volcanological Survey of Indonesia web site.

(Thanks to VB reader Raj in Manado for reports and translations.)

Blarrr!! Gunung Lokon meletus kuat, api keluar dari kawahTribun Manado, 14 July 2011
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