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Phytoplankton flourishes as Kasatochi’s ash fertilizes the ocean 8 October 2010

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The eruption of Alaska’s Kasatochi volcano in August 2008 has led to a surge in the population of phytoplankton in the North Pacific, says a paper in Geophysical Research Letters authored by a horde of scientists from institutions in Canada, the USA and the UK, led by oceanographer Roberta C. Hamme of the University of Victoria, British Columbia. An unusual storm system meant that the ash deposited by the volcano was transported across a very wide area of the north-eastern Pacific, and the iron content encouraged the growth of phytoplankton (for which iron is a key nutrient), producing one of the largest plankton blooms ever recorded in this region. Scientists have recently suggested that volcanic ash fertilization of the ocean in this way can occur, but, as Professor Hamme notes in the very useful summary of the Kasatochi paper she has made available as a PDF on her website (wish more scientists would do that), this is the first time conclusive evidence has been obtained to support the hypothesis.

Because phytoplankton (which are the basis of oceanic and freshwater food chains) consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen, seeding the oceans with iron to encourage their growth has sometimes been suggested as a means of diminishing atmospheric CO2. However, the evidence of the naturally-occurring Kasatochi seeding episode is that the process is not very efficient and that it would take a lot of iron to make even a small difference.

  • Roberta C. Hamme et al. ‘Volcanic ash fuels anomalous plankton bloom in subarctic northeast Pacific’, Geophysical Research Letters, 37 (2010), doi:10.1029/2010GL044629. [abstract]

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Ash grounds RAF jets 22 April 2010

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The BBC reports this afternoon that RAF Typhoon training flights in Lincolnshire have been suspended after volcanic ash was found in one aircraft’s engines. Update: more at Flightglobal.

Military jets fly a great deal faster than civilian aircraft and their engines draw in more air and at a more rapid rate, making them more vulnerable to ash ingestion and consequent damage. But it goes to show that the ash is still up there and the threat to aviation it represents is not an invention of a conspiracy of regulators bent on spoiling everyone’s holidays.

UPDATE. The United States Air Force also has ash concerns, about its F-15s flying from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk: US Military fears volcano could harm jets.

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