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Sarychev Peak SO2 emissions 13 July 2009

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A sulphur dioxide cloud emitted by Sarychev Peak volcano in the central Kurils can be seen on the NOAA Kamchatka map compiled from OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) data early today:

OMI_SO2 Column 5Km by Volcano - Kamchatka, 13 July 2009 0231Z (NOAA, OMI data). Click on image to enlarge.
[Click on the image above to enlarge.]

The SVERT update on Sarychev Peak for 13 July 2009 reports low-level activity with gas emission but no ash explosions: ‘According to satellite images from today, (MODIS 0907130031UTC), (NOAA 17 0907122247 UTC) ash-gas emission is observed at Sarychev volcano. It stretches east 40 km’. The gas cloud visible in the north-west of the Sea of Okhotsk is the residue of that emitted by Sarychev Peak earlier this month (e.g., see the update on 9 July 2009).

[Thanks to Volcanism Blog reader Gijs de Reijke for spotting this SO2 data.]

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New eruption in the Afar region of Ethiopia 2 July 2009

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Thermal anomalies and dense sulphur dioxide plumes in Ethiopia appear to indicate that a significant effusive eruption has taken place in the Manda Hararo area of the western Afar region. There is as yet no visual confirmation of the eruption from the ground.

There was a VEI=2 eruption at the Manda Hararo volcanic complex in August 2007, and a larger (possibly VEI=3) eruption in the Alu-Dalaffilla region in November 2008. In terms of size, volcanic SO2 expert Prof Simon Carn of Michigan Technical University reports that the current Manda Hararo event seems to lie somewhere between the two.

The MODIS thermal alerts service at the University of Hawaii has shown hotspots of varying intensity over a considerable area of the Manda Hararo region since 27 June, while the OMI Sulfur Dioxide Group has mapped considerable SO2 emissions on 29 and 30 June:

Aura/OMI - 06/29/2009 10:21-12:03 UT (NASA/KNMI/NIVR/FMI)

Aura/OMI - 06/30/2009 11:04-11:08 UT (NASA/KNMI/NIVR/FMI)

[Thanks to Volcanism Blog reader Gijs de Reijke for information received.]

UPDATE: Dr Erik Klemetti has an informative post about this event at Eruptions. He has also wisely used maps showing up-to-date political boundaries, thus saving himself a heap of trouble.

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Global Volcanism Program: Manda Hararo – summary information for Manda Hararo (0201-115)

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