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Icelandic volcanoes ‘preparing their next eruptions’? 9 October 2009

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In Iceland, some notable volcanoes are ‘preparing their next eruptions’, according to this article in the English-language Iceland Review:

The Icelandic volcanoes Hekla and Grímsvötn are likely to erupt shortly, according to geophysicist Páll Einarsson. Katla, which lies underneath the icecap of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, has been quiet ever since a period of six years of unrest ended in 2005, but Askja should be paid close attention to, he said in an interview on the radio program Morgunvaktin on Rás 2 on Tuesday.

It’s notable that Páll Einarsson does not say ‘Hekla and Grímsvötn are likely to erupt shortly’. That’s an invention of the journalist.

What Einarsson does say is that ‘Volcanic eruptions happen every two or three years in Iceland in general … Some [volcanoes] are preparing their next eruptions, including Hekla and Grímsvötn’, although he avoids the ‘eruption overdue’ fallacy by pointing out that just because Hekla has erupted every ten years in the past that doesn’t mean it’s going to continue to do so. With an eye to possible locations of future activity, Einarsson warns that attention should be paid to unrest at Askja and Upptyppingar, where an inflow of magma into the base of the crust has been suggested as the cause of an earthquake swarm in 2007.

[Thanks to Stefan at stromboli.org for the tip.]

UPDATE. Further startling volcanological insights from Icelandic Review: ‘Volcanoes are nature’s PMS’, says Nanna Árnadóttir.

Volcanoes in Iceland preparing to eruptIceland Review Online, 8 October 2009

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