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Craig Arnold, poet and lover of volcanoes, now presumed dead 12 May 2009

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Sad news from Japan: Craig Arnold, poet, professor, and lover of volcanoes, is now presumed dead. He is believed to have died in a fall while hiking on the volcanic island of Kuchinoerabu-jima.

UW poet and professor believed to have died after a fall – University of Wyoming news release, 8 May 2009
School: family of missing poet believes he died – Associated Press, 8 May 2009
Missing poet Craig Arnold presumed deadLos Angeles Times, 9 May 2009

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The Daily Volcano Quote: Craig Arnold, volcano pilgrim 1 May 2009

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The Volcano Pilgrim has dedicated the last three years to the belief that one need not shrink from the sublime. Nay, rather, one may seek it out, with a pack on your back and a stick in your hand, liberal applications of sunblock and when necessary a gas mask over your face.

He recognizes that chasing this particular dragon may not strike some people as entirely healthy or balanced behavior, but the nature of that imbalance is one of the things he hopes in the course of the journey to understand.

And he has found that, when you’re clambering up the side of a smoking mountain, driven by apocalyptic fantasies of fiery death, many things may catch your attention along the way – birds, beasts, flowers, people. Though he doubts Basho would have shared his love for lava, he suspects the master would recognize the restlessness that sends one out searching for it.

Craig Arnold, ‘The Volcano Pilgrim – 火山巡礼者’, at his website Volcano Pilgrim: five months in Japan as a wandering poet.

Craig Arnold is a professor at the University of Wyoming and an award-winning poet with a deep interest in and passion for volcanoes. He set out on a hike around the volcanic island of Kuchinoerabu-jima on Monday and failed to return. A search is under way.

UW professor missing in Japan – University of Wyoming, 30 April 2009
Craig Arnold search – University of Wyoming, 30 April 2009
U.S. professor disappears during Japan volcano hike – CNN, 30 April 2009
University of Wyoming professor missing in Japan – NPR, 30 April 2009

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