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Smithsonian/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 25-31 May 2011 2 June 2011

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The Smithsonian Institution and United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report has been issued for the week 25-31 May 2011. The report is compiled by Sally Kuhn Sennert. Notable volcanic events this week include:

  • Dieng Volcanic Complex: evacuations following increase in gas emissions and seismic activity
  • Grímsvötn: an eruption characterized by explosive activity and ash plumes, with limited ashfall
  • Kilauea: the level of the Pu’u’O’o lava lake continued to fluctuate
  • Taal: water temperature, acidity and water level all rose in Taal’s Main Crater Lake, and there was an increase in seismic activity

SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 25-31 May 2011

Click on the map for a larger version (1211 x 784 pixels).

The Smithsonian Institution/United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report for 25-31 May 2011 is now available on the Global Volcanism Program website. The following is a summary and not a substitute for the full report.

New activity/unrest: Aso (Japan), Dieng Volcanic Complex (Indonesia), Grímsvötn (Iceland), Kliuchevskoi (Russia), Ulawan (Papua New Guinea).

Ongoing activity: Batu Tara (Indonesia), Karymsky (Russia), Kilauea (Hawaii, USA), Kizimen (Russia), Popocatépetl (Mexico), Poás (Costa Rica), Sakura-jima (Japan), Shiveluch (Russia), Taal (Philippines), Tungurahua (Ecuador).

Note: ‘a.s.l.’ = ‘above sea level’.


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