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Volcano alert levels: Philippines

The volcano authority in the Philippines is the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs). The alert level system used by Phivolcs runs from Alert Level 0 (lowest) to Alert Level 5 (highest), as follows:

Philippines volcanic alert level system

Volcanic alert level system used in the Philippines. The system as shown is used for Mayon, but (with slight variations in wording) is applied to other Philippines volcanoes as well.

Alert Level 0: No Alert.
Quiet. No eruption in the foreseeable future.

Alert Level 1: Abnormal.
Low level unrest. No eruption imminent.

Alert Level 2: Increasing Unrest.
Moderate unrest. Unrest probably of magmatic origin, could eventually lead to eruption.

Alert Level 3: Increasing Tendency Towards Eruption.
Relatively high unrest. Magma is close to the crater.

Alert Level 4: Hazardous Eruption Imminent.
Intense unrest. Hazardous eruption is possible within days.

Alert Level 5: Hazardous Eruption.
Hazardous eruption ongoing.

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