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The Daily Volcano Quote: Aleutian volcanoes 13 March 2012

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A complete chain of active volcanoes exists along the whole line of the Aleutian islands, and serves to connect the volcanoes of Kamtschatka and Cook’s Inlet. Near the latter sea rises the Ilaman mountain, to a height of 12,066 feet (1,000 feet higher than Aetna), emitting fire and smoke incessantly, yet covered with perpetual snow … Every island in the Aleutian chain is a volcano, either extinct or active. Each is liable to frequent earthquakes, and on each may be found sulphur, lava, and stones displaying evident traces of fire. The active volcanoes are on the following islands: Konushy, Atkha, Seguam, Yunasko, Tshetirekhsoposhnoi, Oonalashka, Akutan, Akuna, and Oonimack, on which there are no less than three … New volcanoes, it appears, are constantly breaking out, and others becoming extinct, along the Aleutian chain.

‘Russian America’, The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany, 1 June 1843, p. 153.

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