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Eruption at Bezymianny: ash reaches over 8 km a.s.l. 9 March 2012

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As the scientists at the Kamchatka Volcano Emergency Response Team (KVERT) anticipated, Bezymianny has erupted. KVERT reported at 2226Z last night:

Strong explosive eruption began about 21:27 UTC on March 08 – according to seismic data. Explosive eruption will continue and strong ash explosions up to 43,000 ft (13 km) a.s.l. possible at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft.

The same bulletin reports plumes then reaching 5 km a.s.l. A later bulletin, issued at 2313Z, described the eruption by this time as ‘moderate’ and reported ‘Culmination phase of the explosive eruption occurred at 21:40 UTC on March 08, when ash plumes from pyroclastic deposits rose up to 26,200 ft (8 km) a.s.l.’ The latest bulletin, released at 0700Z today, summarizes the activity as follows:

Activity of the volcano after strong explosive phase of eruption is gradually decreasing but continues. Ongoing activity could affect low-flying aircraft. Strong explosive eruption began at 21:27 UTC on March 08. According to seismic data, the culmination phase of the eruption occurred from 21:27 till 22:10 UTC on March 08, a magnitude of volcanic tremor was 7.52 µm/s at that time. From 23:00 UTC on March 08, volcanic tremor was not registering. Ash plumes from pyroclastic deposits rose up to 26,200 ft (8 km) a.s.l. and extended to the northeast of the volcano on the height about 19,700 ft (6 km) a.s.l. At about 00:15 UTC on March 09, probably a new portion of ash began to extending a little to northern to northeast of the volcano. According to satellite data, a length of ash plume was about 434 mi (700 km) at 04:32 UTC on March 09. At present, the moderate eruption is continuing. According to video data, gas-steam plumes containing ash are raising up to 11,500-13,100 ft (3.5-4.0 km) a.s.l. and extending to the north-east of the volcano.

Tokyo VAAC issued its latest advisory for Bezymianny at 0559 today, describing ’emissions continuing’ and ash moving NE of the volcano and reaching airspace at FL270 (27,000 feet or 8.2 km a.s.l.). Things currently look reasonably quiet (and, of course, dark) at the Bezymianny webcam. KVERT has uploaded some pictures of the March 8-9 activity to its Bezymianny activity page; latest images at the top.

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