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The Daily Volcano Quote: seawater necessary for volcanic fermentations 6 March 2012

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What is the nature of that mixture which gives birth to these eruptions, that produce lava and throw up mountains? What we observe as certain is, that the introduction of the water of the sea is necessary to excite these fermentations, as containing marine acid and other salts, which, united to the sulphuric acid, the bases of which are contained in abundance in the subterranean strata, determine these fermentations, which produce the disengagement of fire and other fluids, and all the grand effects that are the consequence.

G. A. Deluc, ‘Observations on volcanoes and their lava’, The Philosophical Magazine, vol. XXI (1805), p. 268.

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1. Geotrino - 7 March 2012

Amazingly close!! A hundred something years later, and he would have got it right.

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