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Restless Tungurahua causes ash problems 6 March 2012

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Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador is one of the world’s more active volcanoes, and it is certainly restless at the moment, with an upswing in activity and explosive eruptions being reported over the weekend. Activity continues at a ‘moderate’ level according to reports from Ecuador’s Instituto Geofísico: an explosion occurred in the early hours of Monday 5 March which produced ashfall in the Choglontus area, which lies ~13 km WSW of the volcano (IG report for 5 March 2012 PDF). Much of the region around Tungurahua has been covered in low cloud which has obscured views of the volcano: a weak emissions column in a westerly direction was visible on 5 March at an altitude of under 1 km. The bulletin for 6 March (PDF) reports the summit of Tungurahua is still obscured by cloud. Elevated seismicity has continued, with seven episodes of emission tremor and one explosion, so some eruptive activity has occurred today.

The ashfall from the current activity has been causing problems, with reports of crop damage in agricultural areas to the west of the Tungurahua.

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