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The Daily Volcano Quote: great circum-Pacific eruptions 5 March 2012

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The series of great circum-Pacific eruptions began with the explosion of Krakatoa in 1883, and of Tarawera, New Zealand, and Niauafau in the Tonga Islands in 1886. In 1894 was the first great eruption of Ambrym since about 1820; in 1902 began the eruptions of Savaii, which were repeated in 1905 and 1906; in 1902 happened the explosive eruptions of Mts. Colima and Santa Maria in Central America, followed by those of Mts. Pelée and St. Vincent in the Atlantic border of the West Indian area; in 1906 occurred the eruptions of Topia and Fanua-lai; in 1908 that of Puna in Hawaii, and in 1909 that of Korintzi, Sumatra; in 1912 the explosion of Katmai in Alaska caused sunset glows in Europe; Sangir Island, on the edge of the Pacific, between the Philippines and Celebes, broke into eruption in March, 1913, followed by that of Ambrym in December of the same year.

J. W. Gregory, ‘The Ambrym eruptions of 1913-14’, Geological Magazine, vol. 4, no. 12 (December 1917), pp. 538-9. The belief that the period after about 1880 represented a marked increase in global volcanic activity after decades of quiescence was widespread in the early twentieth century.

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1. Guillermo - 6 March 2012

Alert downgraded at Láscar:


There are also available the ovdas updates for almost all monitored volcanoes. Note the increase of Mocho-Choshuenco seismicity, although it’s associated mainly to glaciar dynamic.

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