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Blog housekeeping 2 March 2012

Posted by admin in admin.

Volcanoes must be taken seriously.Reviving the blog involves a little cleaning up around the place, and I’ve done my best to get everything neat, tidy and up to date.

E-mail. Perhaps the most important thing readers should know is that I am trying to keep everything simple from now on by using this e-mail address as the contact point for this blog. The Gmail address previously used for the Volcanism Blog is being terminated at the end of this month, so please update your address books. If you have e-mailed me over the last few months and have not received a reply, please accept my apologies and feel free to contact me again via the address linked above.

Links. I have updated the list of links down there on the right, but if anyone finds a link there that is outdated or broken (or would like to suggest an addition – I am always happy to hear about relevant and interesting sites I may have missed) please let me know.

Copyright. On legal advice I have slightly amended the Copyright statement and it is now even wordier. The policy remains the same, however, and is very simple: this blog respects copyright, and expects its own copyright to be respected.

Comments. Comments on posts are welcome as always, and the comments policy remains unchanged: please be civil and relevant. Comments will be automatically held for moderation if they contain certain words or phrases, or lots of links (this affects very few, however). In order to keep spam down to manageable levels, comments on all posts are set to close after 90 days.

I’ve said this before but it remains profoundly true so here it is again: it’s the readers, both old friends and newcomers, who make blogging worthwhile, and I’m very grateful for the appreciation and loyalty the readers of the Volcanism Blog have shown since it began in December 2007, and more than ever over the last year.

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