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Brief announcement 21 July 2011

Posted by admin in admin.

Giovanni Battista Lusieri, 'Vesuvius from Posillipo by Night, during the Eruption of 1787' (1797) - detail

Apologies for the lack of updates at the moment, I’ve been unwell (nothing serious). I’ll be catching up with things as soon as I can. In the meantime, here’s a nice painting of Vesuvius from 1797 to enjoy: Giovanni Battista Lusieri, ‘Vesuvius from Posillipo by Night, during the Eruption of 1787’.

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1. Ian Copeland - 21 July 2011

It took him 10 years to paint? Wow.

2. admin - 21 July 2011

Yes, that really is the only possible explanation.

3. parclair - 21 July 2011

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

It appears to me that this eruption is heading straight for Naples. If so, yikes!

4. Rick Cameron - 4 August 2011

Marapi Agam (Merapi alt spelling) in West Sumatra started erupting yesterday. so far ash and mud flows. highway between Padang and cities east is closed due to lack of visibility. Padang Panjang residents wearing masks.

5. jorgen ferdie - 9 August 2011

Stil not better ? Are you sure its nothing serious ?

6. Callan Bentley - 17 August 2011

Get well soon! We miss you!

7. Rustynailer - 19 August 2011

Good luck.

8. Johan - 20 August 2011

Get back soon…miss your good texts

9. Lisa - 31 August 2011

I’ve been missing your reports, but am hoping you are well.

10. Elizabeth - 1 September 2011

Hope things are getting better for you. We miss you here!!

11. Erik K - 4 September 2011

Hope you’re doing OK … !

12. Gozza - 5 September 2011

Hi Ralph ? Getting a bit worried….we have’t heard from you in almost 2 months now ? Hope you are ok ?

13. Rustynailer - 8 September 2011

I bumped into this piece of volcano art looking at Iceland and Katla recently, I thought you might like it. http://vulkan.blog.is/album/sgrimur_jonsson/image/945087/

14. Stefan - 9 September 2011

Hope you are doing better soon again! You are missed.

15. Vicki - 14 September 2011

From the ash of Chaiten, to a view of Volcan Baru…always thinking of you and grateful for the wonderful Volcanism Blog. Let’s hope I don’t ever have the opportunity to send you some ash from Panama. Get well soon.

16. Liz - 20 September 2011

I have loved your blog for years. First started reading it while living in Chile during Chaiten eruption…studying the effects of the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Complex eruptions from 3000 years ago…so wonderful to read the reports from the present. Hope you are well.

17. Guillermo - 27 September 2011

Ralph, the Eruptions blog moved to Wired Science

18. Shérine - 2 October 2011

Hope you are well. And we hope to hear from you soon.

19. Adam Neira - 4 October 2011

That is a beautiful painting.

Vulcanoes have a certain fascination for humankind. During an eleven month tour of the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia with my girlfriend in August 1998 we climbed a little example of one called Gunung Api nestled right next to the tiny capital of The Bandas, Maluku. Such ancient geographical features ready to explode at any time.

Thank-you for your website.

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