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The Daily Volcano Quote: Vesuvius bubbling away 13 July 2011

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Vesuvius, which for some time back has been giving exhibitions of Nature’s methods of illumination, is growing even more demonstrative.

Its eruptions are accompanied with strange rumblings and tremors of the earth, and there is an abundant outflow of scoria.

At Sanvito a slight earthquake has occurred.

It appears that the splendid phenomena visible around the cone and reflected on the clouds at night are so many indications that the lava in the heart of the mountain is in a boiling state. The loud explosions heard every few minutes are merely the effects of this ebullition, and correspond to the bubblings of boiling water in a pan.

No danger is apprehended at present, but the conditions are considered to presage a great reawakening of volcanic force and action.

The new cones formed are expected to fall in.

‘Vesuvius getting up steam’, Daily Express, 1 December 1900, p. 1. Despite its lava bubbling like ‘boiling water in a pan’, Vesuvius did not get around to erupting until July 1913. EDIT: this is quite wrong, see Boris Behncke’s correction below.

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1. Boris Behncke, Catania, Italy - 14 July 2011

Well, Vesuvius was in a state of constant, relatively low-level Strombolian and effusive activity between 1875 and 1906; in April 1906 this eruptive cycle was terminated by a very violent and destructive eruption that tore away more than 100 m from the summit, and then the volcano remained quiescent until 1913.

2. admin - 14 July 2011

Mea culpa, I didn’t look up the records and forgot about 1906! Thanks for the correction, Boris.

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