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Time speeds up in Sicily: an Etna enigma? 11 July 2011

Posted by admin in Etna, Italy.

Sicily’s Mount Etna has been having a lively time of it over the past few days: there will be a more detailed report here soon. For the moment, here’s a bizarre thing. Did the most recent eruption on 9 July affect electronic clocks across Sicily, setting them fifteen minutes fast? The UK’s Daily Mail ‘newspaper’ seems to think so. However, the Italian press was reporting on this strange Sicilian phenomenon more than a month ago (as the Mail‘s reporter would have found out, had they bothered to check). Here’s an Italian television news report from 9 June 2011, for example. The Corriere della Sera pointed out on 11 June that the alleged misbehaving clocks have been reported across the island, not just around Etna, suggesting that the volcano’s electromagnetic woo waves, or whatever, are not to blame.

UPDATE. Dr Boris Behncke of the INGV e-mails to say: ‘As for the clocks, none of the clocks that we have at home – 15 km from Etna’s summit – have shown any anomalous behavior’. Boris goes on to suggest that ‘this is one of those bulls**t things put into circulation on the internet’ to keep things ‘a bit metaphysical’.

Tutti avanti di 20 minuti al giorno Il mistero degli orologi sicilianiCorriere della Sera, 11 June 2011
Clocks in Sicily inexplicably run ahead – RIA Novosti, 11 June 2011
Mount Etna eruption closes airports and ‘knocks clocks 15 minutes fast’Daily Mail, 10 July 2011 (nice pictures at least)
The case of the volcano that set time 15 minutes fastThe Atlantic Wire, 10 July 2011

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1. Harry Buttle - 11 July 2011

It is possible that Sicily has stopped regulating the power supply (hertz), that can impact on electric clocks that use mains power to tell time.


2. TAUS - 11 July 2011

The gravitational force is the regulation force of our time-perception. When you use a sandglass on the moon your ‘time’ is another (g. less then 9.8 m/s2). Because the earth is shifting her magnetics poles (just see how many volcanoes are ‘awakening’) – the perception of time will show abnormalities. After the poleshift has become, the earth will go ‘retrogarde’ in time. That’s why the whole planet will stop (3 days) and will start spinning ‘back’ in time. Who has knowledge of the ‘Holy’ geometrics knows that 2012 will be a ‘twin-polarization’. The left side turns rigth (the sun will set in Japan) and the southpole wil be inverted with the northpole. This whole mechanism (ying/yang-shift) will take about 35 years. ‘God’ (everthing Mankind doesn’t understand is called ‘God’) – the great Watchmaker – will shake the Tree of Life. Suns ‘little brother’ planet X is the triggering force – earth will be transformed in a ‘pyrotecnical show’ (I.N.R.I.). The Ancient Ones have already meet this manifestation of NATURAL SELECTION. “Many are called but few are chosen” means that only the ‘selected DNA/people’ will survive the shift. Mother Nature loves all her children but when her love has no ‘return’ – Mother Nature (Kali) kills you like an ant. Religion is knowledge of the Natural Laws that the ‘blind ones’ don’t understand. Religion is the science of Human Nature. ‘God’ is like a businessman – He will only invest in people who works together with Him. The future for Parasitic-minded people is called Hell. This place is the ‘stoke-kettle’ of the Great Cosmic Watch. The ‘fuel’ of the Engine. Serving the Lord – of course.

3. sigmund - 11 July 2011

I prefer Harry’s explanation.

4. Milazzo - www.esplora.co.uk - 21 August 2011

very interesting article – thank you

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