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The Daily Volcano Quote: Victoria’s volcanoes 5 July 2011

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Victoria has probably more extinct volcanoes than all the other [Australian] states put together. … When white men came here little more than 100 years ago they found no legends among the blacks about the extinct volcanoes having been active. These were all cold before the arrival of the human being. We must be grateful to those old volcanoes, and to the lava that just oozed out of cracks in the ground, for the best soil we have in Victoria. We should feel glad, too, that these volcanoes are very dead and not at all likely, in the opinion of our geologists, to break out into eruption. We have enough troubles in the shape of eruptions caused by human-made appliances dropped from aeroplanes at the moment.

‘Extinct volcanoes of Victoria’, Camperdown Chronicle, 27 March 1941, p. 4.

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1. Beano - 6 July 2011

Given that the Great dividing range stretching down the eats coast of Australia from the very far North of Queensland down to middle Victoria is highly volcanic in origin. And also given that Victoria is the smallest mainland state (in area) I would suggest that the first line in the quote in the article is somewhat out of date (considering it was made in 1941).
Possibly at the time the existence of extinct volcanos in Western Australia wasn’t realised.
Around that time It was also believed that Australia was seismologically inactive.

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