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Nabro eruption: new bulletin from the Eritrean Government 24 June 2011

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The Eritrean Government has issued a new bulletin about the volcanic eruption at Nabro and its aftermath: ‘Government taking close care of nationals affected by earthquake and volcanic eruption’. Text as follows:

Asmara, 22 June 2011 – The Eritrean government is extending the necessary care and assistance through relocating to safe place for nationals displaced due to earthquake and volcanic eruption that occurred in southern and southwestern parts of Southern Red Sea region on the 12th and 14th of June.

The regional Administration disclosed that the Government is working diligently in moving the nationals to safe place in view of the fact that new landscape is being formed due to the eruption resulting in the  melting of rock, in addition to possible health problem due to emission of smoke and dust. The situation is now being stable, it added.

The nationals relocated to safe place said that although there previously existed average earthquakes in the area, this year’s incident was quite strange that evolved into volcanic eruption and the melting of rocks. In this respect, they expressed appreciation to the emergency assistance being provided by the people and that the Government in rescuing their lives and cattle from the natural disaster.

Reports indicated that as a result of the disaster, flow of lava with width up to 1,000 meters and height of 15 meters surfaced in Seriru, southern Denkalia, that destroyed vegetation on about 20 kilometers. As a result of the molting of rocks and the covering up of streams, new landscape is being witnessed.

It is to be recalled that the first volcanic eruption that occurred around Seriru in the extreme south of Southern Red Sea region on June 12 caused 5.7 rector scale earth tremor. The eruption also gave rise to dust that covered hundreds of kilometers and that the tremor was heard in the greater portion of the region, according to reports.

This is the fourth official statement the Eritrean Government has issued about the Nabro eruption. The previous statements were ‘Volcanic eruption witnessed in the tip of Southern Red Sea Region’ (13 June 2011), ‘Inhabitants of Afambo, Nebro and Sirero moved to safer locations’ (16 June 2011) and ‘Volcanic eruption in Southern Red Sea Region creates new landmass’ (21 June 2011).

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