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A note on comments 24 June 2011

Posted by admin in admin.

A small number of highly partisan and very un-volcanological posts have been left here in response to the Nabro eruption: Eritrean politics is clearly a very divisive business. Most of these comments were automatically held for moderation and did not make it through in the end — this affected arguments from both pro- and anti-government sides, so there’s nothing partisan about it. They didn’t get through moderation because they failed to follow one or more of the rules below.

  • Don’t abuse or insult me. This really will get you nowhere.
  • Don’t accuse this blog of being biased, a mouthpiece for one side or the other, racist, imperialist, a front for the CIA, etc. That’s just silly.
  • Don’t assume that just because I quote something, I agree with it.
  • Don’t reference Wikipedia articles. I don’t allow links to that site here. Find a proper source and it’s possible your comment, if it otherwise has merit, will get through.
  • Don’t come here and submit comments using texts provided for you by someone else as part of some campaign or other. When I find four comments in my moderation queue using precisely the same wording I suspect that something funny is going on.

Volcanoes have their political aspects and this blog doesn’t shy away from that. People are welcome to leave comments addressing political issues in Eritrea or anywhere else as long as the connection to matters volcanological is clear and the rules above are followed. Thank you.

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1. mathisfan - 24 June 2011

Lucky for you there are no volcanoes in Israel…

2. Boris Behncke - 25 June 2011

I love this bit (pretty much as I do all your entries :-D ) – great thing you filter out the bulls**t which serves only to make reading of the comments a pain in the neck.

Such a good thing you’re back in action.

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