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Images of the Nabro eruption (updated) 22 June 2011

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Just a quick post to draw your attention to some images of the Nabro eruption in Eritrea.

Nabro eruption 01

Nabro eruption 02

Many thanks to Martin Rey, who left a comment at an earlier post giving a link to some screen captures he obtained from local TV station Eri.TV of the Nabro eruption. The pictures seem to show the plume from ground level, lava flows, vegetation on fire, and relief/evacuation operations. Two are reproduced above: the whole set of 23 can be found here: http://picasaweb.google.com/triart3d/NABRO

UPDATE. And here’s the video itself at earthquake-report.com’s cumulative and now immensely long posting on the Nabro eruption, and at YouTube. Chris Rowan talks about the seismic aspect of the eruption at Highly Allocthonous in a very illuminating post on Seismo-volcanism in Eritrea. And for analysis and discussion of what Nabro is up to (and might get up to in the future), check out Erik’s comprehensive and enlightening new post at Eruptions: Speculating on the 2011 Nabro eruption in Eritrea.

Nabro eruption 19 June 2011 (NASA/Terra)

And there’s a fascinating picture of a lava flow from Nabro at the NASA Earth Observatory (above), captured by ASTER on the Terra satellite: Eruption at Nabro volcano.

More on Nabro later, time permitting.

Global Volcanism Program: Nabro – summary information for Nabro (0201-101)

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1. Wedi Ere - 24 June 2011

Nabro and Sireru has erupted to distroy the Ethiopian army who is at the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia to seiz Assab.The Eritrean soil is also always ready to defend his Enemies.

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