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Eritrean Government: Nabro eruption killed seven 21 June 2011

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Seven people were killed by the eruption of Nabro volcano and three were injured, according to a new statement issued today by the Eritrean Government: Volcanic eruption in Southern Red Sea Region creates new landmass. Full text as follows.

Asmara, June 21, 2011- The powerful volcano that erupted in the Southern Red Sea region has created a new landmass, according to the director general of Mines at the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Mr. Alem Kibreab.  Mr. Alem said that the volcano spewing ash and lava has created a new land mass measuring hundreds of square metres.

Mr. Alem also pointed out that the eruption in Sireru has spewed smoke and ash that has affected our region.

The director general also disclosed that a team composed of geological and volcanic experts is conducting studies in the area.

Meanwhile, according to reports, 7 people have died while 3 people have sustained injuries due to the eruption. The inhabitants of the area have been moved to safer locations while at the same time they’re given basic provisions.

According to data, a similar volcanic eruption in Eritrea occurred in 1861, in Dubbi, Southern Denkel.

This is the third official statement the Eritrean Government has issued about the Nabro eruption. The previous statements were Volcanic eruption witnessed in the tip of Southern Red Sea Region (13 June 2011) and Inhabitants of Afambo, Nebro and Sirero moved to safer locations (16 June 2011). Both the previous statements said that there were no casualties.

Global Volcanism Program: Nabro – summary information for Nabro (0201-101)

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