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Daily Volcano Quote: the ubiquity of volcanic forces 20 June 2011

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If now, however, we take a broader view of volcanic phenomena, and, in addition to the … still existing proofs of the general distribution of volcanic centres, as they have been termed, we also take into consideration the occurrence of eruptive rocks of similar origin which are everywhere found disturbing and breaking through the strata of even the oldest rock formations, it will be seen, as least as far as the geology of the earth’s surface is at present known to us, that there is scarcely a single area of any magnitude, of either the land or sea, which, at some period or other, has not been broken through or disturbed by what may be termed volcanic forces acting from within the mass of the earth itself; and it is impossible to come to other than the conclusion that these agencies must have played a most important part in determining the main features of the earth’s external configuration as well in our times as throughout all periods of its history.

David Forbes, ‘On Volcanoes’, Nature, 4 August 1870, p. 283. [‘An outline of a lecture delivered at St. George’s Hall, Langham Place, 9th June 1870, by David Forbes, F.R.S.’]

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