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Nabro eruption quieter, but continuing 18 June 2011

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The eruption at Nabro is continuing. The announcement by Toulouse VAAC yesterday that the eruption had ‘stopped’ was, as we said at the time, not definitive. The latest from Toulouse (18:00 UTC 18 June 2011) is that the ‘eruption currently gets weaker’ and that the plume is ‘mainly composed of SO2 and water vapor’. The VAAC’s prediction for the next 24 hours (graphic here) is that no ash from this eruption will be detectable from 00:00 UTC on 19 June. Ethiopian Airlines has announced that it will be resuming flights to Khartoum after they were disrupted by the ash cloud from Nabro last week.

At 08:00 UTC this morning NASA’s Terra satellite captured a MODIS image of Nabro showing a small lightish plume with a diffuse ash cloud drifting south from the volcano. Click on the image to go to the original at the NASA Rapidfire site.

Nabro volcano, Eritrea, 18 June 2011 (NASA/Terra)

Ethiopian Airlines flights disrupted by ash cloud from Eritrean volcano – Bloomberg, 14 June 2011
Ethiopian Airlines to resume flights to Khartoum, Sudan, today – Bloomberg, 17 June 2011

Global Volcanism Program: Nabro – summary information for Nabro (0201-101)

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A real So2 bomb

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