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The Daily Volcano Quote: lava riding the Red Line 10 June 2011

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  Hot Geologist: There has to be something feeding this. We know that the lava broke through here at the tar pits and created this vent, and we know that it broke through at Macarthur park, so that means it is literally travelling underground over a course of at least eight miles.

Emergency Management Guy: Yesterday it flowed straight up!

Hot Geologist: I’ve never tracked lava under a city before. I don’t know what it will do with man-made tunnels to travel through.

Emergency Management Guy: It doesn’t matter. I have to deal with what’s in front of me right now. I don’t have time to read a filler on geological theory.

Hot Geologist: Well somebody has to.

Characters from the film Volcano (1997), grappling with the alarming news that, in a volcanologically unconventional move, the volcano devastating Los Angeles has begun sending its lava through the subway system.

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