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125 years after Tarawera erupted, New Zealand’s Pink and White Terraces found 10 June 2011

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On 10 June 1886 Mount Tarawera volcano in New Zealand erupted in a huge explosive event that devastated the surrounding countryside. The beautiful Pink and White Terraces at nearby Lake Rotomahana, which were among the most celebrated of New Zealand’s many natural wonders, were obliterated by the eruption.

However, it seems that substantial parts of the terraces survived after all, and are now lying at the bottom of Lake Rotomahana. New Zealand and United States scientists working to map the lake-bottom and the geothermal system beneath it using autonomous underwater vehicles discovered portions of the Pink Terraces at the beginning of this year, and now they have confirmed the discovery of parts of the White Terraces as well. The remains were identified with side-scanning sonar: ‘The two places on the lake floor where we encountered hard, up-standing crescent-shaped features correspond to the locations of the Pink and White Terraces before the Tarawera eruption’, says Dr Cornel de Ronde of GNS Science, leader of the project.

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