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The Daily Volcano Quote: Etna, volcano of our dreams 7 June 2011

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Etna is the volcano of our fantasies, of our torrid slumbers, of our explosive-packed revolts with their warning signs, black rain, fog, fumes and loquacious smoke, familiar all their lives to the people of Etna: four craters, four mouths that speak the language of the gods for the closed lips of men. The volcano is the passageway for the nightmares that emerge from Tartarus. Tumultuous murmurs that rise from the earth, gripping the erect flanks of this fantastic defiance, follies of the imagination reaching into the starry spheres, to force out, violently, their words of desire, whose birth is denied by the feeble reasons of a too-polite culture. Is not a volcano for understanding the whys and wherefores of our dreams?

Christine Escarmant, ‘Un volcan pour mémoire’, in Dominique Bertrand (ed.), Mythologies de l’Etna (Clermont-Ferrand : Presses universitaires Blaise-Pascal, 2004), p. 18.

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