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The Daily Volcano Quote: volcanoes erupting gold 6 June 2011

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The Gold is found in positions where there is a transition from ordinary crystalline rocks to those of a sedimentary character. This remark leads us at once to the interesting and debated subject of the ‘Origin of Gold’. Some say that the gold of our gullies and hills is washed down from a matrix or source,– that is from certain golden lodes in a mountain. Others affirm that a volcano once burst forth and showered gold instead of cinders, and they direct us to the shot-like appearance of nuggets.

James Bonwick, Notes of a Gold Digger, and Gold Digger’s Guide (Melbourne: R. Connebee, 1852). The Australian Gold Rush began in 1851, and James Bonwick (1817-1906), a teacher, writer and amateur of various sciences, lost no time in publishing this guide to gold digging, as well as founding the Australian Gold Digger’s Monthly Magazine (1852-3). The notion that gold has ever been erupted from the craters of volcanoes would find few supporters today. It remains, however, a seriously cool idea.

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1. mike - 26 June 2011

In January 1993 the Galeras volcano erupted spewing more than a pound of gold each day in Colombia

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