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Eruption at Puyehue-Cordón Caulle: large plume reported 4 June 2011

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Plume from Puyehue volcano, Chile, 4 June 2011 (C. Higueras).

Above: Plume from Puyehue volcano, 4 June 2011 (C. Higueras). [source]

There are reports from Chile that Puyehue-Cordón Caulle has erupted and produced a large plume. ‘Just after 14:40’ reports soychile.cl, ‘a huge plume began to be visible from the district of Entre Lagos, which corresponds to the beginning of eruptive activity at Puyehue volcano’.

The Los Ríos regional government has confirmed that the eruption has begun, with ‘a strong smell of sulphur and ashes’ being discernible in the area of the volcano. The state emergencies office ONEMI has also confirmed that an eruption is under way.

Buenos Aires VAAC has issued a Volcanic Ash Advisory for the eruption reporting ash from the plume at 10 km altitude (FL350, 35,000 feet a.s.l.). The ash is moving south-east, into Argentina.

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1. Guillermo - 4 June 2011


2. Guillermo - 4 June 2011

3. Jón Frímann - 4 June 2011

This does not look good.

4. admin - 4 June 2011

Powerful … thanks, Guillermo.

5. Barb - 4 June 2011

The latest report up at Chile’s ONEMI website at http://www.onemi.cl/html/noticias/noticia_2503.html (Spanish) says more than 3000 were being evacuated this afternoon (the communities are listed in the notice), and that it was going quietly and smoothly. They term this a moderate eruption. That video sure is impressive!

6. Robert - 4 June 2011

Oops, Mother Earth did it again.

7. Felipe Borges Cunha - 5 June 2011

Here in Bariloche (Argentina) there is about 2in of ashes on the streets. The airport is closed because of the Puyehue vulcan (june-4-2011).

8. Felipe Borges Cunha - 5 June 2011

Lots of lightnings and thunders too.

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