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The Daily Volcano Quote: volcanoes set off by sun spots 2 June 2011

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Volcanoes are vents — chimneys, in fact — leading up from portions of the earth in which is gathered molten incandescent matter. These chimneys sometimes become stopped up and then the volcanoes become what we call inactive. They are like gigantic bottles, firmly corked, but in which a ferment is stirring. Invariably these pockets and masses of incandescent matter have above them great chambers in the rock which are filled with high explosive gases. These gases press continually against the ‘cork’ of the crater. … the magnetic waves sent forth by the sunspots penetrate to these chambers and enormously expand these gases. These, expanding, thrust themselves against the core of matter in the shaft of the volcano, forcing it out. The pressure then being relieved, the incandescent matter has nothing to hold it back, and we have our volcanic eruption.

Dr W. H. Ballou, ‘How sun spots touch off our volcanoes’, The Washington Times, 17 August 1919, p. 26. From the Library of Congress Chronicling America historic newspaper collection (original article here).

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1. ChrisM - 3 June 2011

Piers Corbin of weatherAction.com who gives weather forcasts by studying the Sun is at the moment giving Earthquake warnings based on these methods. See http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews11No7.pdf

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