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The Volcanism Blog: back next week 25 May 2011

Posted by admin in admin, personal.

It’s been far too long. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for your kind and supportive comments following my bereavement, both here on the blog and in personal messages.

The Volcanism Blog will re-open next week, on Thursday 2 June 2011. Some would take this opportunity for a big relaunch with everything redesigned, fancy graphics and lots of new bells and whistles. Don’t worry, though, that is not going to happen here. Just a return, at last, to something like normal.

And perhaps the current eruption of Grímsvötn (justly described as ‘a doozy‘ by Erik Klemetti; more brilliant coverage from Eruptions here) will keep going into next week, and bring us the Return of the Monster Icelandic Ash Cloud Horror that the media, particularly in Britain, is obviously longing for. We’ll see.

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1. Boris Behncke, Catania, Italy - 25 May 2011

Ralph that’s good to know. I mean, it’s good to know that you’ll be back blogging, because as much as I love Erik’s Eruptions blog, yours has always been there to complement it (actually, it’s been there before).

So maybe if Grímsvötn has really ceased erupting, it might be Etna to feature in your next week’s “Volcanism Blog” revival … All the best, boris

2. JimmyJames - 25 May 2011


3. Erik - Eruptions - 26 May 2011

I, for one, am quite glad you’ll be back covering volcanoes!

4. Dirk - 26 May 2011

These are very good news! Best regards from Germany

5. admin - 3 June 2011

Your kind words are much appreciated. Thank you to everyone.

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