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Back again (updated) 14 December 2010

Posted by admin in admin.

Very sorry for that unannounced break, which was due to a combination of unfortunate circumstances. Things are better now, mostly, and normal service will be resumed with immediate effect. Anno 2010 has been a rather patchy year for this blog and its owner, full of ups and downs (rather too many downs), but 2011 looks much brighter. Thank you for your patience.

Crater Navidad, Lonquimay volcano, Chile

UPDATE 21 December 2010. It’s taking a little longer than I hoped to get things straight, and now the Christmas holidays are upon us (see above our usual Christmas picture above of Crater Navidad, Lonquimay volcano, Chile); so to be on the safe side I’ll say, this blog will be back in action from 1 January 2011. Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments, both in reply to this post and by e-mail, it is much appreciated. Happy holidays to everyone, see you in the New Year!

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1. Ben - 14 December 2010

Welcome Back!

2. Martin - 14 December 2010

Wish you all the best, welcome back!

3. Ron Schott - 14 December 2010

Welcome back, Ralph. Looking forward to your posts!

4. Rodger Wilson - 14 December 2010

Glad yer back! You were certainly missed!!!

5. Bernard Duyck - Belgium - 14 December 2010

Great ! we are waiting for …

6. parclair - 14 December 2010

Welcome back. If it helps, you are not alone in your sadness. There are more than a few of us for whom 2010 was a not-so-good year.

7. Guillermo - 15 December 2010

Yabba Dabba Doo!

8. JimmyJ - 15 December 2010

Dr. H! Glad you are doing ok!

9. Villard - 15 December 2010

Nice to see you back!

10. Barb - 15 December 2010

Welcome back! It’s a nice Christmas present.

11. VetDirk - 17 December 2010

Welcome back! Best regards from Germany

12. NoX - 17 December 2010

Welcome back! Regards from Serbia

13. Stefan, stromboli.org - 18 December 2010

Wish you all the best and looking forward to some interesting postings. Life is not always easy, unfortunately.

14. admin - 22 December 2010

Thank you so much, everyone! Looking forward to all the volcano blogging 2011 is going to bring.

15. Doris - 22 December 2010

Can anyone tell me why volcanos are named after woman??

16. Doris - 22 December 2010

now if anyones on??

17. Jón Frímann - 27 December 2010

Welcome back! :)

18. Paul - 28 December 2010

Great to read you again!
Nice clear view of Chaiten puffing away today

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