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Signs of increasing activity at Galeras 20 October 2010

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The Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Pasto reports (bulletin of 19 October) that Galeras volcano is continuing to show increasing signs of activity after a relatively quiet few weeks. Galeras has remained at the third-highest alert level of Yellow since 7 September, when the alert level was lowered from Orange following the eruption of 25 August.

Seismic activity at Galeras continues to fluctuate, with an increase in seismic signals associated with fluid movements within the volcano since 15 October. This increased seismicity is also associated with increased gas emissions, and in the ash content of those emissions, and there has been an increase in deformation at the summit of the volcano and thermal anomalies have been detected in the crater area. All these parameters, INGEOMINAS concludes, indicate ‘the presence of magmatic material at shallow levels which continues to intrude towards the surface’.

In anticipation of a potential eruption Colombia’s Sistema Nacional para la Prevención y Atención de Desastres has advised the people living near Galeras to ‘be attentive to the recommendations of the authorities’ (they tend not to be, as as rule).

References to volcano alert levels on this blog are not authoritative and are not necessarily up to date. You should always check with official sources for the latest alert levels.

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1. Jón Frímann - 23 October 2010

There is currently a earthquake swarm happening at Reykjanes Ridge. The largest earthquakes have topped Mb4.9 in size.

2. Guillermo - 26 October 2010

An eruption began at Merapi

3. Guillermo - 28 October 2010

Ovdas published new extra bulletins about some M3.0-3.5 quakes registered near Chaitén, but nothing anormal has happened.

4. Guillermo - 28 October 2010

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