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The Daily Volcano Quote: the world ends in fire 29 September 2010

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Wherefore the Faithful being gathered from all the corners of the Earth, and carried up to Christ their Saviour, and joyning with his Legions of Light; there being then left in the Earth and in the inferiour Parts of the Aire none but obdurate Adherents to the dark Kingdome, which shall now be made more externally dark than ever, black pitchy clouds covering the whole face of the Sky, and making Night fall upon the Inhabitants of the World even at mid-day: in the midst of this sad, silent and louring aspect of the Heavens, He that in the flesh was heard and answered by Thunder, when he prayed, saying, Father, glorifie thy name shall by the same interest in the Eternall God cause such an universal Thunder and Lightning, that it shall rattle over all the quarters of the Earth, rain down burning Comets and falling Starres, and discharge such claps of unextinguishable fire, that it will do sure execution wherever it falls; so that the ground being excessively heated, those subterraneous Mines of combustible Matter will also take fire : which inflaming the inward exhalations of the Earth, will cause a terrible murmur under ground, so that the Earth will seem to thunder against the tearing and ratling of the Heavens, and all will be filled with sad remugient Echoes; Earthquakes and Eruptions of fire there will be every where, and whole Cities and Countries swallowed down by the vast gapings and wide divulsions of the ground. Nor shall the Sea be able to save the Earth from universal Conflagration, no more than the Fire could preserve her from that over-spreading Deluge; for this fiery Vengeance shall be so thirsty, that it shall drink deep of the very Sea; nor shall the water quench her devouring appetite but excite it. For such is the nature of some Fires, as history every where testifieth.

Henry More, An explanation of the grand mystery of godliness, or, A true and faithfull representation of the everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the onely begotten Son of God and sovereign over men and angels (Cambridge, 1660), p. 238. Henry More (1614-1687) was a theologian and philosopher who was clearly familiar with contemporary notions of the causes of volcanism (‘those subterraneous Mines of combustible Matter’), and appears to have expected that the world would end in some kind of enormous volcanic eruption. Note also the role of the sea in exciting rather than quenching the fires of this universal conflagration: it seems that there will be a significant phreatomagmatic element to the end of the world.

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1. Dirk Neuhaus - 30 September 2010

And after all, our planet will disappear in fire, when our sun’s life comes to its end… in round about 4.500.000.000 years; that’s a fact. So don’t worry, be happy ;-)

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