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Syria’s Es Safa Volcanic Field at the NASA Earth Observatory 21 September 2010

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For various reasons ranging from the geographical to the geopolitical the volcanoes of the Middle East are relatively little-known, so it’s always interesting to find out more about the volcanic features of such countries as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria. The NASA Earth Observatory is featuring a volcanic field from Syria as its Image of the Day for 20 September 2010: the Es Safa Volcanic Field, which is in southern Syria, about 80 km east of Damascus.

Rather surprisingly there is no scale with the image, but the area shown is 45 km x 30 km, and the width of the lava field in the centre of the image measured from north-west to south-east (north is top left in this image) is about 17 km.

NASA Earth Observatory: Es Safa Volcanic Field, Syria (Image of the Day, 20 September 2010)

Global Volcanism Program: Es Safa Volcanic Field – summary information for Es Safa (0300-05-)

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