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The Daily Volcano Quote: tranquil Mayon 20 September 2010

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Thirty years had elapsed, since the Volcano of Albay, called by the natives Mayon, had remained in undisturbed silence: so that it was contemplated without those feelings which volcanoes generally raise in the minds of the neighbours. The last eruption took place in the year 1800, when great quantities of sand, stone, and ashes were thrown up, and caused great damage to the neighbouring villages. From that period nothing occurred to mark a volcano; so that the terror which it had occasioned, began by degrees to evaporate. The lofty brow of the mountain was converted into a pleasant and beautiful garden; and was cultivated with hemp, cocoa-nuts, and many kind of fructiferous trees,with a great quantity of roots and leguminous plants, which, at the same time that they afforded a delightful prospect for the eye, gave support to many industrious families.

From The Gentleman’s Magazine, no. 84, part II (1814), p. 641. This tranquil scene was destroyed by the violent eruption of Mayon in February 1814, which devastated the surrounding area and killed more than 1200 people.

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1. Henrik - 21 September 2010

I love these little nuggets you dig up and the insights provided as to how bygone eras regarded life and volcanoes. Thank you!

2. admin - 22 September 2010

It’s nice to know the quotes are appreciated. Thanks, Henrik.

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