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The Daily Volcano Quote: Tenerife all over fire, 1704-5 17 September 2010

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The 31st, they discovered a great light on the side of Monja, towards the white Mountain, and the first of January last, the Alcalde of Guancha writ to that of Teneriff, that having sent to the Peak of Tyda, they had seen the Earth open towards Monja, which had formed a Volcano, or Mouth of Fire. That another had soon appeared, and that both had vomited up such vast quantities of Stones, that they had formed pretty high Hills; and that the combustible matter which came out of those Gaps had made about 50 Fires in the Neighbourhood. These Volcano’s continu’d till the 5th to vomit up glowing Stones, which burst to pieces either in the Air, or falling on the Ground with a most terrible noise. The Air was then darken’d with Ashes and Smoak, which encreas’d the consternation of the People, especially at Night, when they saw the Country above a league about all over Fire. This proceeded from another Volcano, which had about 30 different Mouths in the circumference of about a quarter of a league, on the side of Orotava, and from the Eruption thereof was form’d a sort of Torrent of Brimstone and other Bituminous Matter, which ran towards Guimar. The like was form’d by the other Volcano. The Shocks continuing, with the same violence, the Houses and Publick Buildings of Guimar were overturn’d. The Bishop of the Canaries, having taken a World of Trouble among that general consternation, fell sick and dyed.

From The Post-Man and the Historical Account, 28 April 1705. The Tenerife eruption being described is that of 31 December 1704 to 27 March 1705.

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1. jec - 22 September 2010

visited tenerife and the canarys while cruising the islands on our sailboat in 2006. The islands are very changed due to those volcanos..and still active. Wonderful description of the event. What is a shock..the red, barren slopes..when before the event, it was a tropical paradise. Nature is really in control.

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