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The Daily Volcano Quote: a spectroscopic analysis from 1867 16 September 2010

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M. Janssen has also been analysing, by means of the spectroscope, the volcanic flames issuing from Santorin and Stromboli. He recognised hydrogen as their principal constituent; sodium was shown in abundance, and copper, chlorine, and sodium were detected. From observations of the former volcano, the same observer concludes that oscillatory motions of volcanic upheavings are always perpendicular to the faults, and that they may be compared to the movements of a wound, the lips or edges of which open and shut by turns.

‘Scientific notes of the month’, The Gentleman’s Magazine, August 1867, pp. 226-7. I’m not sure why sodium is mentioned twice. ‘M. Janssen’ is Pierre Janssen (1824-1907), French astronomer and discoverer of helium. The spectroscope or spectrometer remains a vital tool in volcanology.

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