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Costa Rica: simultaneous eruptions at Turrialba and Poás 15 September 2010

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In volcanically active Costa Rica two volcanoes chose to erupt simultaneously yesterday, says the English-language news site Inside Costa Rica: both Turrialba and Poás erupted what journalists insist on calling ‘smoke’ early on the morning of Tuesday 14 September. As the two volcanoes are 55 kilometres apart the effect of simultaneity will have been lost on anyone actually present at either of them. The eruptions do not seem to have been particularly significant: experts from OVSICORI regard the activity as normal, with clear skies and lack of wind making the volcanoes’ habitual emissions more visible than usual. OVSICORI volcanologists will be visiting the volcanoes to evaluate the effects of the activity.

Turrialba and Poás volcanoes in simultaneous eruptions – Inside Costa Rica, 15 September 2010

Global Volcanism Program: Poás – summary information for Poás (1405-04=)
Global Volcanism Program: Turrialba – summary information for Turrialba (1405-07=)
Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica – OVSICORI website

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1. Ton van der Aa - 16 September 2010


I Wonder is Chaiten activity official over? Not much in the news lately and no mention on the Weekly Volcanic Activity Report.

Any updates?

2. admin - 16 September 2010

Things have gone very quiet, both in terms of activity and news. The last mention of Chaiten in the GVP weekly report was for 28 July to 3 August 2010:


There seem to have been no official bulletins since nos. 119 and 120 in May and June:


The alert level was reduced to yellow in May. There’s been no official notification that I’m aware of that the eruption is regarded as over. If anyone has any more recent news on Chaiten, I’d be very glad to know about it.

3. Ton van der Aa - 16 September 2010

Thanks was just wondering. Also curious about the city of Chaiten. Is everybody really gone or still people live there?

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