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The Daily Volcano Quote: use a hot water bottle, dream of Etna 14 September 2010

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Thus, with reference to dreams occasioned by corporeal sensation, Dugald Steward mentions the case of a friend, who, having found it necessary to apply a bottle of hot water to his feet, when he went to bed, dreamed that he was making a journey to the top of Mount Etna, and that he found the heat of the ground insupportable. This dream was evidently the result of the mind, or imagination, which, between waking and sleeping, had associated the sensation excited by the bottle of hot water with that which might be excited by the hot cinders that surround a volcano.

‘Dreams, and visions of the night’, La Belle Assemblée; or, Bell’s Court and Fashionable Magazine, 1 October 1823, p. 154.

La Belle Assemblée, a British magazine ‘Addressed Particularly to the Ladies’, was founded by John Bell in 1806 and ran until 1868. Dugald Stewart (1753-1828) was a Scottish philosopher, ‘the pride and ornament of Scotland’.

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