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Restless Cleveland back at Advisory/Yellow 14 September 2010

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Alaska is not short of restless volcanoes, and Cleveland, on Chuginadak Island, is among the most restless, with frequent reports of thermal anomalies and ash emissions. In June and October 2009 there were small explosive eruptions, and this year in May-June and August-September there have been reports of occasional small ash emissions and thermal anomalies. On 26 August the Volcano Alert Level for Cleveland was raised to Advisory and the Aviation Colour Code was raised to Yellow, but the volcano was returned to Unassigned on 10 September following 10 days with no evidence of activity.

Now, however, Cleveland is rumbling again and is back at Advisory/Yellow. On 12 September the Alaska Volcano Observatory reported satellite detection of thermal anomalies (11 September) and a possible ash plume (12 September): the estimated plume height was 25,000 feet a.s.l., which is more than 7.5 km. Accordingly the alert level was raised again on 12 September.

The most recent Cleveland bulletin, issued on 13 September, reports that ‘Clouds obscure the volcano today and there are no reports of activity’.

Reports of Cleveland’s activity usually come through satellite imagery (or direct observation) as there is no real-time seismic network at the volcano.

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