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Emissions from Villarrica? 7 September 2010

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Buenos Aires VAAC (home page; message archive) issued three advisories on 4 and 5 September 2010 reporting emissions from Villarrica volcano in Chile: on 4 September a thin ash plume, very light, was identified extending 60 nautical miles NE of the volcano (4 September 2130Z), and on 5 September continuous emission was reported, although it was noted that low clouds were hampering observations (5 September 0500Z). In each case the source of the information was GOES-12 satellite data. No further reports have been issued, and this activity remains unconfirmed.

(The Villarrica Visual Observation Project have a live webcam for Villarrica. There are also four Villarrica webcams accessible from the Observatorio Volcanológico de los Andes del Sur home page, although they do not always show up-to-date images.)

[If you are baffled by the language of Volcanic Ash Advisories, try our easy-to-understand guide to How to read a Volcanic Ash Advisory.]

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1. parclair - 7 September 2010

I am so glad you are back on the blog. I’ve missed your reports and links. Thank you for your efforts on this blog. Hope your mother is well.

2. Guillermo - 8 September 2010

Definitely Chile is in the eye of the news. Now we have to keep one on Planchón-Peteroa:


3. admin - 8 September 2010

Thanks Guillermo. I hope to post on Peteroa later today.

And thank you parclair, that’s a really nice welcome! Thanks for your good wishes. I’m glad to be back.

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