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Eruption reported in Virunga National Park, DR Congo 31 August 2010

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A report in the Irish Independent today says that there has been a volcanic eruption in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The volcano is not named, but both Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira volcanoes are situated within the park. Nyamuragira had a notable eruption at the beginning of this year.

There seems to be no other information about this possible eruption at the moment, so it’s impossible to confirm what is happening. More details here if and when we get them.

UPDATE. No further reports have emerged today about this alleged eruption. As Erik has pointed out over at Eruptions, the Virunga volcanoes are always restless so some relatively small episode of activity may be at the bottom of this isolated and unconfirmed report. So far, though, there is no sign that there has been any eruptive event of significant magnitude at either Nyiragongo or Nyamuragira. Any further news and we’ll report it here…

Volcano erupts in the CongoIrish Independent, 31 August 2010

Global Volcanism Program: Nyamuragira – summary information for Nyamuragira (0203-02=)
Global Volcanism Program: Nyiragongo – summary information for Nyiragongo (0203-03=)

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1. Mathiew Yalire - 1 September 2010

Dear All,

Currently, there is no sign of eruption at the two volcanoes. What we know is the Nyiragongo lava lake activity from November 2002. Nyamulagira volcano erupted in January 2010. Any other information about Nyamulagira or Nyiragongo should be false.

2. Charles Balagizi - 2 September 2010

Dear All,
I have just to confirm Mathiew’s comment.I should like to let you know that we both work for the Goma Volcano Observatory in its Geochemistry and Environment Department.There was no volcano eruption reported in the Virunga Nation Park on August 31,2010.

The Best,


3. sasa - 2 September 2010

THAT is all false. Im a UN member working in DRC-GOMA. The last activity that occured , that i personally saw was on the 9th of August in one of those.

4. Jack - 3 November 2010

Är det inte en väldigt massa utbrott nu?Sen måste jag fråga…Är det bara vulkaner i väst som medför flygförbud?Har aldrig hört talas om det förr ngn annanstans

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