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Not extinct! 20 August 2010

Posted by admin in admin, personal.

The Volcanism Blog is not extinct, but I apologize for its presently dormant condition. Many people have been in touch to ask what’s happening, and in particular to enquire about my mother’s health (thank you) and I’m happy to say that, while she is still unwell and her condition has its ups and downs, treatment is progressing, she is much improved and the prognosis is good.

Other things have happened, however, which don’t need to be gone into here but which have got in the way of my involvement in many good things, including this blog. But this will not be the case for ever, and this blog will be back to normal as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

The Volcanism Blog


1. Chris - 20 August 2010

Its like volcanoes: You never know, when they have a dormant period and when they come back. But they will…
So, don’t worry, take the time you need and come back, when you are ready.

2. Jimmy - 20 August 2010

Glad to hear from you with good news!

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