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Two explosions as Nicaragua’s San Cristóbal clears its throat 5 July 2010

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Dos grandes “eructos” de volcán San Cristóbal‘ says the headline in Nicaragua’s El Nuevo Diario newspaper: ‘two big “belches” from San Cristóbal volcano’. The eructations in question happened on Friday afternoon, 2 July 2010: two explosions from the summit crater at about 13:05 and 13:10 ejected pyroclastic material, ‘including rocks with a diameter of up to ten metres’, which caused fires in nearby grasslands. A ‘mushroom cloud’ of ash was produced by the second explosion, and light ashfall occurred in villages NW of the volcano. No damage or injuries were reported. An emergency plan was activated for the areas around the volcano, but there were no further signs of activity over the weekend. The Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales (INETER) described Friday’s activity as ‘normal degassing’.

Dos grandes “eructos” de volcán San CristóbalEl Nuevo Diario, 4 July 2010

Global Volcanism Program: San Cristóbal – summary information for San Cristóbal (1404-02=)
Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales – INETER main page

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1. Mike - 5 July 2010

Belching and clearing your throat … not the same thing at all ;-)

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