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Back to blogging 23 June 2010

Posted by admin in admin, personal.

My mother is still very unwell, but very much better than she has been; there is at least one more operation to come, but in the longer term the outlook is very good. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch, through comments here or directly, with good wishes during my mother’s illness. It really has helped so much to know that so many people – most of whom I do not know, and who know me only through this blog – have been keeping my mother, my family and myself in their thoughts and prayers. Thank you all.

So, slowly, I’m getting back to blogging. As it happens, The Volcanism Blog passed 1 million visitors at some point earlier this month – I don’t know exactly when it happened, but it’s a nice milestone to have passed. Thank you to everyone for visiting and reading, and for being patient and understanding during recent weeks.

The Volcanism Blog


1. leila - 23 June 2010

Congratulations on passing that amazing milestone, the blog is brilliant. Very glad to hear your mum’s on the mend, must be a terribly worrying time for you. Take care

2. Jimmy - 23 June 2010

Dr H. It’s good to see you’re feeling comfortable enough to resume writing for us here. I’m certainly glad your Mother’s outlook is improving.

Congratulations on your recent 1 millionth page view. That’s a mafic!

3. Erik - Eruptions - 3 July 2010

Glad you’re back and congrats on passing 1,000,000. I feel like both of us owe Iceland a “Thank You” note!

4. admin - 3 July 2010

Thanks, Erik! I feel the same about Iceland … and you’re owed a thank-you note too, for your superb coverage of Eyjafjallajökull (and much else volcanic of course) at Eruptions.

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