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Introducing VPOW: Volcano Picture Of the Week 4 May 2010

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If you are a volcano photographer you may be interested in Volcano Picture Of the Week, a new project by Richard Roscoe (of Photovolcanica). VPOW is a non-commercial website for presenting high quality volcano photographs. Submissions are invited from interested photographers, and one image will be selected for presentation each week (on the model of the popular and much-admired Astronomy Picture of the Day).

Visit the site for further information, and to see great volcano pictures in the archive.

The Volcanism Blog



1. Ron Schott - 4 May 2010

Gorgeous photos – I wish the site had an RSS feed.

2. Richard Roscoe - 6 May 2010

Hi Ron,

if i knew how to make one i could be interested in including it. Have been struggling with the java elements of the site for many hours so bit exhausted now. If you are an RSS expert maybe you could help.
Glad you like it anyway !


3. Ron Schott - 6 May 2010


The simplest way to add RSS is to run the site using blogging software such as WordPress. I’m not sure how to add RSS to a homegrown site – my programming skills are far too rusty to help – sorry.


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