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Geoscientist Online takes a look at the geoblogosphere 3 May 2010

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Geoscientist is the admirable monthly magazine for the Fellows of the Geological Society of London, and it is available free at Geoscientist Online.

There’s an interesting article by Michael Welland in the current (May 2010) issue of Geoscientist Online which takes a look at the geoblogosphere. It’s always illuminating when someone takes a step back and takes in a wider perspective on the world of geoblogs, and Michael has some interesting observations on the state of the geoblogosphere and particularly what it has to offer practising geoscientists, and raises the issue of the relative under-representation of UK-based geoblogs in the current geoblogosphere (he also lists a number of British geoblogs, including, I’m pleased to say, this one).

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