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Keeping up with Chaitén via the DGAC and OVDAS webcams 2 May 2010

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For the last two years we have been watching the Chaitén volcanic eruption through the cameras operated by the Chilean civil aviation authority, the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil de Chile (DGAC), at Chaitén airfield. The DGAC deserves congratulations for keeping those cameras working night and day, through the sometimes very difficult conditions thrown up by the weather and the volcano.

The DGAC does not deserve any congratulations, however, for redesigning their website without a thought for their visitors and rendering all former URLs invalid. There’s no attempt to forward you to the new page, or even to help you find it: ‘no es posible encontrar la página solicitada’, they say, as if it’s your fault for asking. The outcome is that all previous links to the Chaitén cameras on this blog and everywhere else are now broken. And it’s not as if the newly re-designed site is any better than its predecessor: it’s still script-heavy, ugly, and slow. Anyway, the new links are as follows:

  • Cámaras de Chile: List of DGAC airfield cameras (with a map to show you where they are)
  • Aeródromo Chaitén: page for the two Chaitén airfield cameras (showing the current images alongside an archive image for reference)
  • Chaitén Cámara Norte: Chaitén airfield north-facing camera, the one that shows the volcano (current image, and archived images for the previous three hours)
  • Chaitén Cámara S-Este: Chaitén airfield south-east-facing camera, the one that shows the river (current image, and archived images for the previous three hours)

As for one Chilean state agency site that could do with a radical redesign, that of the Observatorio Volcanológico de los Andes del Sur (OVDAS), it continues unaltered, a visual and organizational catastrophe and a potent demonstration of everything you shouldn’t do when designing a website. But at least the locations of the OVDAS Chaitén cameras are unchanged:

For all our Chaitén coverage: Chaitén « The Volcanism Blog.

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1. Guillermo - 3 May 2010

The new cameras page is not of DGAC, it looks like “guys, the new international rules says you must redesign this and….”. I don’t like it, not only because it’s slow, but if you pay more attention, the way an image changes into another is softened and looks a little unreal.

The OVDAS page M U S T be redesigned, as it is part of the new volcanic program, that looks it going without problems.

2. admin - 3 May 2010

Thanks, Guillermo. I hadn’t noticed the softened transition between images. Very tacky.

You’re right, the OVDAS page will have to be sorted out soon, as part of the development of the new Chilean volcanic hazards program. I very much hope that they keep the needs of their users in mind – and that includes the general public – as they redesign their web presence.

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